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  • The Top 10 Emerging Technologies to Watch in 2023

    Contents1 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning1.1 Narrow AI1.1.1 Speech Recognition1.1.2 Image Recognition1.1.3 Decision-Making Based on Data inputs1.2 General AI1.3 What is Machine Learning (ML)?1.3.1 Supervised Learning1.3.2 Unsupervised Learning1.3.3 Reinforcement Learning1.4 Applications of AI and ML1.4.1 Healthcare1.4.1.1 Diagnosing Disease1.4.1.2 Predictive Analytics1.4.1.3 Drug Discovery1.4.2 Finance1.4.2.1 Fraud Detection1.4.2.2 Trading1.4.3 Manufacturing1.4.3.1 Predictive Maintenance1.4.3.2 Quality Control1.5 Future of AI and […]